Ascio Web Service v3

AWS messaging

Polling Messages

New messages can be polled with the AWS command: PollMessage. The PollMessage/AckMessage must be repeated until the message-queue is empty.

Notification via HTTP

A partner can choose to be notified of new messages in its message queue through HTTP GET. The usual process is:

You will get following parameters from Ascio

GET parameter Description
OrderId Please use GetOrder to retrieve details.
MessageId Please use GetMessages to retrieve details.
OrderStatus Completed, Failed, Pending_End_User_Action, Pending_Documentation

By using this method, a Partner can choose to get messages automatically from AWS via the GetMessageQueue function, when there is a new message arrives in the message queue.

Contact partner service to setup the URL that will be triggered. GET Request example: http://PartnerURL?MessageId=123&OrderId=TEST12345. We are sending callbacks from this IP: (Test-Environment:

Acknowledging Message Receipt

Once a message is successfully polled by the Partner, the Partner should ACK the message. The message will me removed from the Poll-Queue. Next time the partner calls PollMessage, the next message will be retreived.

Combining methods for minimum delays and maximum reliability

It is possible to combine callbacks and polling. In this case only failed callback messages are polled. The polling is only for backup and can be done every few minutes/hours. To do so you need to:

WSDL for AWS v3 (OTE) (Live)
Please configure the IP-Whitelisting in the portal/demo-portal.