Ascio Web Service v3

DNSSEC - Domain Name System Security Extensions


This short document will give you an overview of what you need to do to create a DNSSEC Handle and what small steps are needed. If your DNS provider offers you DNSSEC he should have made the relevant data visible to you if not you can create the data manually if you have some basic understanding go ISC Bind Tools and DNS. With Ascio you can create DNSSEC Handles in 3 different ways:

In most cases, only the Digest needs to be published in ASCIO DB.

DNS Query by hand and create the digest

To get the key via dns query dig DNSKEY and you would get something like: 21600 IN 257 3 7 IN AwEAAZI6QOGu1ufPahKerQzTp+wWQ96Qh5hKXIMOTNVF1D+rsbMBau4f zUmz+Lh/E8r9FSC3/X71p4HDCFPwT9OFp2J2eSPUBclZmwYfLRs1J4aA oWgCr5HI5G5MV6X/GGAB8U0gBrlwRZPAyELEIINbnEHblMIrIpUQkVH9 rOiwN81fDtrnjr2QrMpMz8rRBoj8TBKr9yXAT49RrJeAfLL0SgU=

From there you modify the file to have something like below: 21600 IN 257 3 7 IN (AwEAAZI6QOGu1ufPahKerQzTp+wWQ96Qh5hKXIMOTNVF1D+rsbMBau4f zUmz+Lh/E8r9FSC3/X71p4HDCFPwT9OFp2J2eSPUBclZmwYfLRs1J4aA oWgCr5HI5G5MV6X/GGAB8U0gBrlwRZPAyELEIINbnEHblMIrIpUQkVH9 rOiwN81fDtrnjr2QrMpMz8rRBoj8TBKr9yXAT49RrJeAfLL0SgU=); key id = 54951

After you created the key file or are on the DNS server, you can use the Bind tools to do the following:


Please use the numbers in brackets for the DigestAlgorithm, DigestType, KeyAlgorithm and KeyType. Please use the nameserver update order-type to update the DnsSec.

Following TLDs support DNSSEC:

Tld DnsSec Type
ac dsData
ag dsData
asia dsData
info dsData
io dsData
lc dsData
me dsData
mn dsData
org dsData
organic dsData
promo dsData
sc dsData
sh dsData
shiksha dsData
vc dsData
fr dsData
pm dsData
re dsData
tf dsData
wf dsData
yt dsData
si dsData
at dsData
bar dsData
best dsData
ceo dsData
college dsData
design dsData
fans dsData
feedback dsData
fun dsData
host dsData dsData
ink dsData
love dsData
luxury dsData
observer dsData
online dsData
press dsData
realty dsData
rent dsData
rest dsData
security dsData
site dsData
store dsData
tech dsData
theatre dsData
uno dsData
website dsData
wiki dsData
xyz dsData
swiss keyData
cz keyData
de keyData
pt dsData
academy dsData
accountants dsData
actor dsData
agency dsData
airforce dsData
apartments dsData
army dsData
associates dsData
attorney dsData
auction dsData
band dsData
bargains dsData
bike dsData
bingo dsData
boutique dsData
builders dsData
business dsData
cab dsData
cafe dsData
camera dsData
camp dsData
capital dsData
cards dsData
care dsData
careers dsData
cash dsData
casino dsData
catering dsData
center dsData
charity dsData
chat dsData
cheap dsData
church dsData
city dsData
claims dsData
cleaning dsData
clinic dsData
clothing dsData
coach dsData
codes dsData
coffee dsData
community dsData
company dsData
computer dsData
condos dsData
construction dsData
consulting dsData
contractors dsData
cool dsData
coupons dsData
credit dsData
creditcard dsData
cruises dsData
dance dsData
dating dsData
deals dsData
degree dsData
delivery dsData
democrat dsData
dental dsData
dentist dsData
diamonds dsData
digital dsData
direct dsData
directory dsData
discount dsData
doctor dsData
dog dsData
domains dsData dsData dsData
education dsData
email dsData
energy dsData
engineer dsData
engineering dsData
enterprises dsData
equipment dsData
estate dsData
events dsData
exchange dsData
expert dsData
exposed dsData
express dsData
fail dsData
family dsData
fan dsData
farm dsData
finance dsData
financial dsData
fish dsData
fitness dsData
flights dsData
florist dsData
football dsData
forsale dsData
foundation dsData
fund dsData
furniture dsData
futbol dsData
fyi dsData
gallery dsData
games dsData
gifts dsData
gives dsData
glass dsData
gmbh dsData
gold dsData
golf dsData
graphics dsData
gratis dsData
gripe dsData
group dsData
guide dsData
guru dsData
haus dsData
healthcare dsData
hockey dsData
holdings dsData
holiday dsData
hospital dsData
house dsData
immo dsData
immobilien dsData
industries dsData
institute dsData
insure dsData
international dsData
investments dsData
irish dsData
jetzt dsData
jewelry dsData
kaufen dsData
kitchen dsData
land dsData
lawyer dsData
lease dsData
legal dsData
life dsData
lighting dsData
limited dsData
limo dsData
live dsData
loans dsData
ltd dsData
maison dsData
management dsData
market dsData
marketing dsData
mba dsData
media dsData
memorial dsData
moda dsData
money dsData
mortgage dsData
movie dsData
navy dsData
network dsData
news dsData
ninja dsData
partners dsData
parts dsData
photography dsData
photos dsData
pictures dsData
pizza dsData
place dsData
plumbing dsData
plus dsData
productions dsData
properties dsData
pub dsData
recipes dsData
rehab dsData
reise dsData
reisen dsData
rentals dsData
repair dsData
report dsData
republican dsData
restaurant dsData
reviews dsData
rip dsData
rocks dsData
run dsData
sale dsData
salon dsData
sarl dsData
school dsData
schule dsData
services dsData
shoes dsData
shopping dsData
show dsData
singles dsData
soccer dsData
social dsData
software dsData
solar dsData
solutions dsData
studio dsData
style dsData
supplies dsData
supply dsData
support dsData
surgery dsData
systems dsData
tax dsData
taxi dsData
team dsData
technology dsData
tennis dsData
theater dsData
tienda dsData
tips dsData
tires dsData
today dsData
tools dsData
tours dsData
town dsData
toys dsData
training dsData
university dsData
vacations dsData
ventures dsData
vet dsData
viajes dsData
video dsData
villas dsData
vin dsData
vision dsData
voyage dsData
watch dsData
wine dsData
works dsData
world dsData
wtf dsData
xn--czrs0t dsData
xn--fjq720a dsData
xn--unup4y dsData
xn--vhquv dsData
zone dsData
ee keyData
eu keyData
app dsData
app dsData
dev dsData
how dsData
page dsData
soy dsData
hamburg dsData
ie dsData
nu dsData
se dsData
pl dsData
accountant dsData
bid dsData
biz dsData
build dsData
buzz dsData
cloud dsData
courses dsData
cricket dsData
date dsData
download dsData
earth dsData
faith dsData
film dsData
in dsData
loan dsData
melbourne dsData
men dsData
menu dsData
nyc dsData
one dsData
party dsData
physio dsData
racing dsData
review dsData
science dsData
stream dsData
study dsData
sucks dsData
sydney dsData
tel dsData
trade dsData
travel dsData
tube dsData
us dsData
webcam dsData
win dsData dsData
be keyData
ruhr dsData
cologne dsData
koeln dsData
tirol dsData
wien dsData
sg dsData
nl keyData
ch dsData
li dsData
cc dsData
com dsData
net dsData
tv dsData
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