Ascio Web Service v2

ERRP - Expired Registration Recovery Policy

How to send ICANN conform mails to remind that a domain is expiring.

We offer 2 methods how mails can be sent to the registrant:

1. We send e-mails to the registrant

You can provide us the mail-from, reply-to, subject-template, body-template and SPF. With that we can send mails and they look like yours.

2. The partner sends e-mails and uploads them as a proof

We won't send the same reminder again, if the partner uploaded it before

Schedular for ERRP Mails

You don't need you own schedular as we send the mails, or notify you via callback that you need to send it. The mails are sent like this:

Non-expiring domains

Use this method if:

Expiring domains

Example mail

First/Second/Third reminder

Dear Mr.Smith

Your domain will expire/renew at 1.1.2000.
Please click here to renew/expire your domain.

Best regards ...

These mails are required


$wsdl = "";
//$wsdl = "";
$client = new SoapClient($wsdl,array( "trace" => 1, "soap_version" => SOAP_1_1));


$attachment =  [
	"Data" => "DataTest",
	"FileName" => "anything.jpg"

$attachments =  [
	"Attachment" => [$attachment]

$message =  [
	"Attachments" => $attachments,
	"Body" => "BodyTest",
	"Created" => "CreatedTest",
	"FromAddress" => "",
	"Subject" => "base64-encoded or 7 Bit ASCII",
	"ToAddress" => "ToAddressTest",
	"Type" => "ExpiryReminder1"

$uploadMessage =  [
	"sessionId" => env.getSessionId(),
	"orderId" => "orderIdTest",
	"message" => $message
    $result = $client->uploadMessage($uploadMessage);
    echo "ResultCode : ".$result->UploadMessageResult->ResultCode."\r\n";
    echo "ResultMessage : ".$result->UploadMessageResult->ResultMessage."\r\n";
    if(is_array($result->UploadMessageResult->Errors->string)) {
        echo "Errors:\r\n";
        foreach($result->UploadMessageResult->Errors->string as $key => $value) {
            echo " - " . $value."\r\n";
} catch(Exception $e) {
	echo $e->getMessage(); 

WSDL for AWS v2 (OTE) (Live)
Please configure the IP-Whitelisting in the portal/demo-portal.