Ascio Web Service v2


Which order-properties are needed depends on the OrderType.

OrderIdThe order-id is returned by the CreateOrder response. You don't need the order-id in your CreateOrder request.
Example: "TEST123456"
TypeExample: "owner"1a
AccountReferenceHere partners can add their own data, like customer-id.0c
TransactionCommentHere partners can add their own comments, like customer-id.0d
CommentsExample: "RegistrarTag"1b
OptionsReferenced in the TLD-Kit as: 1c
LocalPresenceAscio offers many localpresences for countries with local-restrictions. Possible values are: LocalPresenceAdmin, LocalPresenceRegistrant,LocalPresenceAddresss Representative
Example: false
BatchThis field is deprecated. Please don't use it anymore.0g
DocumentationPlease add your documentation ID here0h
AgreedPricePremium prices are returned by the AvailabilityInfo. Please enter Premium price here, as confirmation that it is accepted.
Example: 5000
WSDL for AWS v2 (OTE) (Live)
Please configure the IP-Whitelisting in the portal/demo-portal.