Ascio API News

DateLive DateTitleSummaryTags
Add impersonate headers to the APIv3Allow partners to impersonate users via API
API v3 Impersonation
API v3: Renamed DeleteHandleResponse -> DeleteNameserverResponseThe DeleteHandleResponse was renamed to DeleteNameserverResponse
API v3 Delete
API v3: Renamed DeleteHandleResponse -> DeleteContactResponseThe DeleteHandleResponse was renamed to DeleteContactResponse
API v3 Delete
API v3: Renamed DeleteHandleResponse -> DeleteDnsSecKeyResponseThe DeleteHandleResponse was renamed to DeleteDnsSecKeyResponse
API v3 Delete
API v3: Renamed DeleteHandleResponse -> DeleteRegistrantResponseThe DeleteHandleResponse was renamed to DeleteRegistrantResponse
API v3 Delete
API v3: Remove ShowFuturePriceThe ShowFuturePrices Property of GetPrices will be replaced with the new method GetFuturePrices
API v3 Prices
DNS: Add MasterIPA new property named MasterNameServerIp will be added to the Nameserver object.
DNS Domains
API v3: New GetFuturePrices methodGetFuturePrices will replace GetPrices.ShowFuturePrices
API v3 Prices
Ascio DNS Platform Upgrade Ascio DNS Platform Upgrade and new features
API Portal Dns CreateSlaveZone UpdateZoneType
API v3: Added Cancel Order for DomainsCancel Order was added for Domains
API v3 Domains CancelOrder
Code Generator improvements for Python and NodeJS API v3 Fixed some issues with the generated code for Python and NodeJS, API v3
Python NodeJS v3 Code Generator Documentation
Code Generator improvements for Perl API v3 Fixed some issues with the generated code for Perl, API v3
Perl v3 Code Generator Documentation
Improved WHMCS Contact Details Form Added all fields to the Contacts, and all Contact-Types. This was not complete in the past.
WHMCS Domains
New version of the documentation website aws.ascio.infoAccordion navigation. API v3 for Domains. PHP5 compatible PHP-Code
Documentation Domains Accounting v2 v3 DNS Code Generator
New version of the API v3Domains, accounts, handlemangement, object-search added
API Domains Contact Registrant Search Accounting v3
API v2: Added DiscloseSocialData for GDPR complianceThe PrivacyProxy Property was added to the domain