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New version of the API v3

API Domains Contact Registrant Search Accounting v3

We are excited to announce that Ascio will release the new APIv3 version on May 12, 2020. The team works continually to improve our API based on your feedback. The newest version is a leaner API that offers greater compatibility and performance.

Our partners can now use one simplified API for Domains, SSL, TMCH, DPML and Domain Monitoring. Plus, we’ve added new features that will allow for easier integration to our partner application and third-party tools. The result? You’ll save on time and developer resources.

Key Benefits:

  • Instantly review your invoices, credit-notes, transactions history, sub-users, and account-balance
  • Save time and developer resources by using a single API for all products
  • Easily integrate with third-party tools (WHMCS, Odin, etc.)
  • Make money from new products as they become available, with minimal effort

New Features:

  • Paginated object-searches (domains, contacts, ...)
  • Simple, on/off local-presence indication: no local-presence-type
  • More data in the DomainObject
  • Store your own data in extension-elements
  • Better polling with ObjectType
  • No need to login or store session IDs
  • Easier data syncing between our platform and your own

Why is it important to have Domains in the same API like SSL, TMCH, DPML and Domain-Monitoring?

A big part of the implementation process is managing asynchonous orders. In the past 2 order-processing procedures were needed. One for Domains, and one for other products. Now, when domains are implemented, it's very easy to add new products like SSL. This save lots of development time. Following processes will be unified:

  • Polling and Callbacks
  • All order operations
  • Registrants and Contacts can be shared accross products
  • Status-codes
  • Searching and accessing data
  • Login and session, this is not necessary in the API v3
  • One set of stub-classes generated from ine WSDL-File

Now all services except of DNS are on the v3 API. As DNS is fully synchronous, adding DNS to the API v3 doesn't bring the great advantage, but may happen in future. Future services will be added to the v3 API, because it's more extendable.


For new projects, we highly recommend using the new API v3 for domains. Plus, you’ll be able to leverage new features as they are added, and offer new editions to our product lineup with greater ease. because some new features will only be added to the API v3.

It has more features, and integrates better with other services. It doesn’t have login and sessions, which makes the integration easier.

Deployment plan

API VersionEnvironmentWSDL FileDeployment Date


Change of the WSDL-File for API v3 on Testing (OTE). Regneration of classes needed if stub-classes are used. This applies only if the new API v3 is used. There will be no change in the old API v2 for Domains.


Class DomainOrderRequest

AgreedPriceExample: 1
TypeExample: "owner"
PeriodExample: 1

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