Ascio Web Service v3

Expired Domain Name Auctions

Ascio is amending a new procedure by passing on any expired .cc/.com/.net/.org/ .info/.biz/.tv domain name (that has not been restored within 30 days of the date of expiry) to an aftermarket auction held by NameJet Inc. (www.namejet. com). This way, both Ascio and our partners will be able to realize the value of expired domain names rather than passing this revenue on to drop-catchers or similar firms. Partners will benefit from this process in two ways: you will receive 10% of the net revenue that Ascio receives from the sale of expired domain names covered under the auction procedure (see below) and you will also have an additional 15 days (30 total) to place a renewal order without incurring an additional restoration fee.

The following Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) outline the expired domain name auction process in more detail:

Why is Ascio introducing domain name auctions?

Ascio is adjusting its procedures to reflect the fact that many deleted domain names never reach the open market again, but rather are re-registered by drop catching firms and then resold at a premium price. This change allows Ascio to have more control over the sale of expired domains while at the same time ensuring that partners benefit through a share of the revenue Ascio earns from the sale of expired domain names.

Which domain names are impacted?

At present, the expired domain name auction procedure is limited to the .cc, .com, .net, .org, .info and .tv domains.

What happens if a domain name is not sold at auction?

After 64 days from expiry (30 days following the auto-deletion), the domain name will be deleted at the Registry.

I’m a partner with many clients who have no interest in seeing these expired domain names go up for auction. What can I do?

Ascio will monitor the list of expired domain names and take steps to minimize the possibility that domains based on trademarks end up on auction. Partners also have the possibility to opt out of having their expired domain names coming up for auction. Partners wishing to exclude their expired domain names can do so by sending an e-mail to; please include a short explanation as to why you wish to opt out of the auction procedure.

How will this procedure impact the current renewal/restore process? What is changing?

The primary change is that any expired domain name not renewed/ restored within 30 days after expiry is offered on auction for a three day period. Any renewal/restore order within 30 days of expiry will result in the domain name being removed from the auction process.

In summary:

Timeline for expired domains and auction process:

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