Ascio Web Service v3

Defensive - DPML

The Domain Protected Mark List (DPML) allows trademark holders the ability to block their trademarked names from registration across all of the TLDs supported by a given registry. Currently, DPML is supported by Donuts and Rightside registries.

The trademark holder can submit an exact match (e.g. Example.Ninja) or a term that contains their exact match trademarks (e.g. Microsoft, Google). The entry is then blocked from all registrations on new TLDs for that Registry for a given period of time.


DPML is a five-year block for an exact match second level domain (SLD) across standard-priced Donuts TLDs. DPML subscribers can submit unlimited overrides of blocked terms, without incurring additional wholesale override fees.


DPML Plus is a ten-year block for an exact-match, second-level domain (SLD) across all Donuts TLDs that includes—for the first time—the ability for your client to block misspells of its mark at no additional charge.

Other unique benefits include:


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