Ascio WHMCS Autoinstallssl SSL-module

Advantages Autoinstall SSL

With AutoinstallSSL + CPanel the installation of installation of SSL is automated.


Github repository:


Commandline installation

        git clone
cd ascio-ssl
php install.php


Configuring the plugin

Setup the product

Setup configurable option: Period

You need to add the Period as configurable option that can have own prices

Add the Domain-Field

The domain-field is not really necessary, but helps us identifying order in our system.

Using the module

After everything is installed, you can order the autoinstallssl-token. After the order is complete, you can click on the order, and retreive the token.

Using the token

After retrieving the token, you need to enter it into Autoinstallssl-module of CPanel. Then the certificate will be installed on your webspace in an automated way. No keys/CSR need to be generated, no manual configuration:

Please contact our integration-specialist or partnerservice if you have any issues.