Ascio Web Service - Domain status codes

These are the order-status-codes. Highlighted codes are sent via callbacks and polling.

ReceivedThe order was received but is not validated yet. Normally validated is the first message. Received only happens when the system is overloaded.
ValidatedThe parameters of the order are valid.
Pending_Internal_ProcessingWaiting for system-processing or manual processing.
Pending_DocumentationWaiting for the documentation upload.
Documentation_ApprovedThe document was successfully approved.
Documentation_Not_ApprovedInvalid document. Waiting for a new documentation upload.
Pending_End_User_ActionA mail was sent to the registrants e-mail address.
Pending_Nic_ProcessingThe order is processed by the registry.
Pending_Nic_Documentent_ApprovalThe document is validated by the registry.
Pending_Post_ProcessingThe registry action is done, some additional jobs are done.
CompletedThe order is complete.
FailedThe validation of the order failed or the registry has rejected the order.
InvalidThe validation of the order failed.

Highlighted status-codes are sent via callbacks/polling.

WSDL for AWS v2 (OTE) (Live)
Please configure the IP-Whitelisting in the portal/demo-portal.