C# CreateOrder - Domain_Details_Update

The domain details update command will update the non-contact and non-nameservers information on a domain name. At present this command can be used to update on the following:


Updating the next autorenew period will prompt the systems to generate an autorenew order (upon expiry date) based on the period stated in the latest domain details update order. This dictates that the default autorenew period no longer applied once a TLD is enabled with this command.


Privacy and proxy can be updated with the Domain-Details-Update. For more information please look at this

Queue Phase

If the domain is queued by a queue-order, the phase can be changed with Domain Details Update - Phase.

Other domain objects

It is only possible to update domain property values. In order to update domain-objects please use these commands:

Response CreateOrder(string sessionId,Order order)

Response codes

200Order validated
200Order received
400Order not validatedMessages
401Authorization failed
405Access denied

CreateOrder request

sessionIdExample: o58t9fjgw9bjarp6q7byv13e



C# example

AscioServices services = new AscioServices();

domain =  new Domain();
domain.DomainName = env.getProperties().getProperty("DomainName")
domain.QueueType = "QueueTypeTest";

order =  new Order();
order.Type = OrderType::Domain_Details_Update;
order.Domain = domain;
Response response = services.CreateOrder("mySessionId", ref order);
if (response.ResultCode == 200) {
	Console.WriteLine("My new orderId is : " + order.OrderId);
} else {
	if (response.Values != null) {
		Console.WriteLine(String.Join(",", response.Values));
WSDL for AWS v2
https://aws.demo.ascio.com/2012/01/01/AscioService.wsdl (OTE)
https://aws.ascio.com/2012/01/01/AscioService.wsdl (Live)