C# UploadRegistrantVerificationMessage

In case the partner does the Registrant Verification, the proof can be uploaded via AWS. In this case the process is like this:

  • Partner send an e-mail to the end-customer
  • The endcustomer clicks on a link, that leads to the partners confirmation site
  • The partner stores the e-mail he sent, together with the IP-address of the customer
  • The partner uploads it via AWS.

The customers email is passed in the "value" field.

Please click here for more information about the process: Registrant Verification process.

Response UploadRegistrantVerificationMessage(string sessionId,string value)

Response codes

401Authorization failed
404Object not found

UploadRegistrantVerificationMessage request

sessionIdExample: o58t9fjgw9bjarp6q7byv13e
valuePlease provide an e-mail address here
Example: "administrator@ascio-test-domain.com"



C# example

AscioServices services = new AscioServices();

attachment =  new Attachment();
attachment.Data = "DataTest";
attachment.FileName = "anything.jpg";
attachments = array($attachment);

message =  new Message();
message.Attachments = attachments;
message.Body = "BodyTest";
message.Created = "CreatedTest";
message.FromAddress = "administrator@ascio-test-domain.com";
message.Subject = "base64-encoded or 7 Bit ASCII";
message.ToAddress = "ToAddressTest";
message.Type = MessageType::Message_to_Partner;
messages = array($message);

details =  new RegistrantVerificationDetails();
details.VerifiedBy = "";
details.VerificationDate = "VerificationDateTest";
details.Messages = messages;;
Response response = services.UploadRegistrantVerificationMessage(todo);

if (response.ResultCode == 200) {
} else {
	Console.WriteLine("Error: "+response.ResultMessage+" ("+response.resultMessage+")";
WSDL for AWS v2
https://aws.demo.ascio.com/2012/01/01/AscioService.wsdl (OTE)
https://aws.ascio.com/2012/01/01/AscioService.wsdl (Live)