Perl CreateApprovalDocumentation

Uploads an IRTP verfication proof.

For owner-changes and transfers both parties, gaining and losing must be verified:

  • Send an e-mail to gaining and losing endcustomer. The e-mail contains a link with secret-id, and leads to the partner-verification website.
  • On the website the ip-addresses are stored.
  • The ip-addresses of the losing and gaining partner are sent to Ascio with then CreateApprovalDocumenetation command.
  • Ascio will not send any mails regarding IRTP to the losing and gaining party.

Response CreateApprovalDocumentation(string sessionId,int msgId)

Response codes

401Authorization failed
404Object not found

CreateApprovalDocumentation Request

sessionIdExample: o58t9fjgw9bjarp6q7byv13e


documentationIdThe documentationId is used in the order.Documentation property.

Perl example

use SOAP::Lite;
use Date::Format;
$proxy = "";
$namespace = "";
$soap = SOAP::Lite -> on_action( sub { "" } ) -> proxy($proxy);
$method = SOAP::Data->name("CreateApprovalDocumentation")
->attr({xmlns => $namespace});

$approvalDocumentation =  \SOAP::Data->value(
@query = (
	SOAP::Data->name(sessionId => $sessionId),
	SOAP::Data->name(approvalDocumentation => $approvalDocumentation)

$result = $soap->call($method => @query);
unless ($result->fault) {
	$response = $result->valueof("//CreateApprovalDocumentationResponse/CreateApprovalDocumentationResult");
	print "ResultCode : $response->{'ResultCode'}\r\n";
	print "Message : $response->{'Message'}\r\n";
	if ($response->{"ResultCode"} == 200) {
		print "OK";
else {
	print join ", ",
WSDL for AWS v2 (OTE) (Live)
Please configure the IP-Whitelisting in the portal/demo-portal.