Perl CreateApprovalDocumentation

Uploads an IRTP verfication proof.

For owner-changes and transfers both parties, gaining and losing must be verified:

  • Send an e-mail to gaining and losing endcustomer. The e-mail contains a link with secret-id, and leads to the partner-verification website.
  • On the website the ip-addresses are stored.
  • The ip-addresses of the losing and gaining partner are sent to Ascio with then CreateApprovalDocumenetation command.
  • Ascio will not send any mails regarding IRTP to the losing and gaining party.
  • The IRTP replaces the Registrant Verification. If an IRTP process is completed, no Registrant Verification mail is sent.

Response CreateApprovalDocumentation(string sessionId,int msgId)

Response codes

401Authorization failed
404Object not found

CreateApprovalDocumentation Request

sessionIdExample: o58t9fjgw9bjarp6q7byv13e


documentationIdThe documentationId is used in the order.Documentation property.

Perl example

use SOAP::Lite;
use Date::Format;
$proxy = "";
$namespace = "";
$soap = SOAP::Lite->on_action( sub { "" } )->proxy($proxy);
$method = SOAP::Data->name("CreateApprovalDocumentation")
->attr({xmlns => $namespace});

$approvalDocumentation =  \SOAP::Data->value(
@query = (
	SOAP::Data->name("service:sessionId" => $sessionId),
	SOAP::Data->name("service:approvalDocumentation" => $approvalDocumentation)

$result = $soap->call($method => @query);
unless ($result->fault) {
	$response = $result->valueof("//CreateApprovalDocumentationResponse/CreateApprovalDocumentationResult");
	print "ResultCode : $response->{'ResultCode'}\r\n";
	print "Message : $response->{'Message'}\r\n";
	if ($response->{"ResultCode"} == 200) {
		print "OK";
else {
	print join ", ",
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Please configure the IP-Whitelisting in the portal/demo-portal.