WHMCS .dk Plug-in

DK-Hostmaster doesn't support several commands.


There are 2 ways to expire a .dk domain

As WHMCS works with AutoExpire, automation is very difficult with .dk domain. The most popular way, ist to transfer the domain to DK-Hostmaster after registration. This is the way we designed the WHMCS-DK-Plugin. That means that the registration is charged, but after that, the endcustomer manages his domain with DK-Hostmaster. If you want a different behaviour, please ask your integration specialist, or change the behaviour yourself.

For this you need to replace unconfirmed with confirmed in this script: DK-Plugin. Please be aware that this will produce more manual tasks for the partner. Using the confirmed setting is not the recommended way

For more information please read the .DK TLD-Kit